HURRICANE HYDROVAC Our hydrovac is used for Non-Destructive Excavation: to expose buried lines and cables, dig pile holes, trench, or non-intrusive slot trenching.

Hydro excavation is the safest and most non-destructive method of excavating available. Our trucks and operators can safely expose buried utilities without damaging the utility, dig trenches without damaging tree roots, and expose existing foundations with ease and no worry of damage.

The process of hydro excavation uses heated, pressurized water to break up the ground and a large truck mounted vacuum system to remove the broken ground. Due to the high pressure and heat of the water produced by the truck systems, we can even excavate when the frost has set in during the cold winter months.

Digging with a hydro excavator is precision digging when compared to a traditional excavator that will destroy everything in its path. This not only makes hydro excavation safer, but it makes it quicker to continue with your project once excavation is complete.
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Our Hydro Excavators Offer a Wide Range of Uses:

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Daylighting buried utilities

Directional Drilling Support, Bentonite and Mud Removal

Core Drilling



Test Holes

Substation Work

Manhole Cleanout

Existing utilities undamaged during excavation methods.

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